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Our approach to technology is simple; with the right design, experience, attributes and philosophies of software, digital transformation can be measured, agnostic, built to scale and adapted to deliver optimal outcomes, even as technologies and platforms change.

Our Philosophies


In digital marketing & CRM automation, simplicity is the key to success. The simpler the message, the easier to make conclusions about the data. But being simple isn't the same as always doing the expected thing. Delivering what's unexpected – while still being consistent – is key to great brand communication.

Data Driven

We recognizes the power of collecting raw data, but also one that understands that decision making cannot be performed using raw data alone. Rather, being truly data-driven involves digging deeper into the data gathered, refining it, and finding ways to use the information mined from the data to drive effective and engaging communications. It means working with the right kind of data whenever it is needed and it could happen in multiple ways – observing customer behavior, analyzing demographic data, gathering survey responses and more. 

Our Story

Throughout our founders consulting careers, they have noticed that a majority of system integrators seemed to be fundamentally weighted toward the technology side while the marketing side often appeared to lack the support necessary to fully utilize the systems on offer. As a result, the marketing teams weren’t able to fully capitalize on the many functions available to them for marketing purposes through Salesforce. This not only reduced the system utilization and adoption but also left many of the critical marketing objectives unmet. This state of affairs inspired the duo to found Eleven Digital to bridge this gap between technology and marketing. 

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