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Bridging the Gap between Technology and Marketing


CIO Outlook Magazine:

Marketing and Salesforce experts Kobi Tollitt and her business partner Daniel Lau, in their extensive consulting careers, noticed that a majority of system integrators in Hong Kong seemed to be fundamentally weighted toward the technology side while the marketing side often appeared to lack the support necessary to fully utilise the systems on offer. As a result, the marketing teams weren’t able to fully capitalise on the many functions available to them for marketing purposes through Salesforce. This not only reduced the system utilization and adoption but also left many of the critical marketing objectives unmet. This state of affairs inspired the duo to found Eleven Digital to bridge this gap between technology and marketing.

"​We at Eleven Digital aim to optimize Salesforce Marketing Cloud for companies who want to connect to their customers, and not just communicate with them."

The company provides top-notch Digital Marketing Strategy, Marketing Automation, CRM Integration, along with Campaign Management Services to numerous clients across the APAC region. Before designing a tailored solution to clients, Eleven Digital ensures they thoroughly understand their client’s objectives. “We are really conscious about offering a realistic solution that places the marketing team in the driver’s seat,” explains Kobi, Co-Founder and Director of Strategy. To this end, Eleven Digital conducts a rigorous discovery process with the clients, stakeholders, and their respective teams to gain in-depth insights about their pain points. They then develop a customized solution to outline the most efficient and cost-effective means for accomplishing their clients objectives.

In conjunction with this, the company helps organizations seamlessly adopt Salesforce Marketing Cloud into their ecosystem by ameliorating inevitable integration challenges associated with this state-of-the-art digital platform. “We often find that the processes, procedures and mindset across an organisation need to be aligned with existing legacy systems, and adapting a new system shouldn’t affect this setup,” remarks Kobi. As a result, Eleven Digital strives to ensure that organizations can effectively utilize Salesforce Marketing Cloud to stay at the cutting edge of marketing capability with minimal disruption to their existing business process.

The agency also offers unique messaging and decision-making plugins for the platform that enables the customers to reach more of the right people at the right time through the right channel. The plugins help them leverage the customer data to execute personalized, timely, and effective 1:1 communication to the target audience throughout the entire marketing life-cycle.

A Salesforce partner, Eleven Digital also identifies the customer’s current skill-set and familiarity with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud infrastructure to provide tailored user training. This cooperative approach empowers the teams to successfully take ownership of their marketing communications, through Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

With its significant expertise in the retail sector and extensive experience servicing some of the most iconic luxury, insurance, real estate, and fast fashion organizations, Eleven Digital has accrued a roster of satisfied clients. “We at Eleven Digital aim to optimize Salesforce Marketing Cloud for companies who want to connect to their customers, and not just communicate with them,” says Kobi.

While pleased with the success of Eleven Digital in the past two years, Kobi and Daniel refuse to rest on their laurels and are looking toward the future of the market. Their innovative Salesforce Marketing Cloud "Decision Hub" app allows 'customisable decisions' within a marketing life-cycle. It allows a client to curate messages to customers based not only on the data at hand but also on how the customer reacts to the message itself. Additionally, there is an increasing demand for their unique China SMS and MMS app, which allows Salesforce Marketing Cloud to directly access the vast Chinese market through targeted SMS and MMS. “As China features a huge retail economy, it has really been a successful product for our clients and that’s the kind of thing we focus on,” concludes Kobi.

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